The Ever Changing Curriculum of School Education

School reforms are always a hot topic when it comes to government proposals and even PTA meetings. Obviously the majority of parents have their children’s education as one of their top priorities as they want the best for their children in and after school. As a result government proposals are often being made to change the education system in Britain in an effort to make it better. This results in a lot of proposals being thrown into the mix as education from early primary to graduation undergo alterations. As they say, “the times, they are a changin”.

The key factor in changing childhood education is society. As society changes so do the ways we educate our children in order to integrate them into it successfully as adults. At the moment one of the biggest topics relates to British Citizenship. With the growth of the EU and an influx of immigrants from countries such as Poland and Romania the shape of British culture is changing.

As a result Citizenship classes are springing up in schools to provide even very young children with education on being British and assist in the integration of foreign nationals. Another change that this shift in culture is causing is the change of languages taught in school. While French and German remain, other languages such as Polish and Urdu are becoming more prominent.

Schools are now more than ever being geared toward providing children with life skills that will assist them after school. Money Management classes (like those seen in the Bank of Scotland adverts) are becoming more popular as they seek to teach children to learn how to budget and handle money when they reach employment. These classes are backed up by the introduction of career advice and advice on gaining employment. These career advice classes are being touted to even primary schoolchildren. In addition to this there are proposals to expand IT classes.

While not everyone agrees with these changes it is important to remember that schools have been reforming and changing for decades to fit with the changing society. The only constant seem to be that there will always be a need for essential equipment such as classroom furniture as educational supplies. They are, after all, the staple diet of any educational establishment.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how educational reforms affect the way society progresses in the years to come.

Teaching and Classroom Supplies

I have been teaching for the last fifteen years and it doesn’t matter what teaching and classroom supplies that you need to order for the following school year, it is still a challenge. You see, if you need specific or specialized items, they are often unavailable or if you must order by catalog, it ends up costing you a large part of your classroom budget.

This is why I came to the conclusion of building a site that would facilitate the task of educators by collecting some information which should allow them to shop while enjoying the benefits of great prices.

It doesn’t matter if people are teaching at elementary levels or higher, depending if you teach in a remote area or in the city, your shopping can become quite challenging when focusing on certain items such as educational toys, classroom decorations or science fair boards.

Now, imagine how much more difficult this situation becomes when you are a specialist you may no longer search only for educational supplies for elementary school. You are now in fact, looking for more specialized items such as: music teacher supplies or special needs teacher supplies, etc.

Another huge obstacle to vanquish is the price of each item. As an educator, you want the best quality supplies for your students but as the quantity of teaching and classroom supplies is also important, you tend to look for either cheap school supplies or even free teaching supplies.

Another factor to consider is the importance of useful elementary teacher resources. With the hands-on learning style used nowadays, these resources are not only practical but also precious.

Recycling Your Unused Child Care Center’s Supplies

With the continued focus of society on saving and recycling, shouldn’t child care educators be concerned about recycling as well? Recycling is not just about taking cans, plastics, and papers to your local recycling center, although that is an excellent community service. Many centers have begun reducing their usage of paper, providing more outdoor time, and using products made of recycled materials in efforts to be more green.

Recycling is also about finding a new home for toys and equipment no longer used, passing curriculum materials to someone else, and selling educational supplies you’ve decided to change. You may be thinking that your materials are outdated, worn out, or just wouldn’t be desirable. Think again. There are potentially hundreds of child care centers that would welcome any curriculum materials, supplies, and tools you no longer use in your center.

In addition, tables, chairs, mats, bookcases, toys, playground equipment, and everything else needed to provide a good experience for children is very expensive. When you have something you no longer need, but it is still functional and usable, consider selling it to another child care educator instead of putting it in the trash. You will be providing a great service when you pass those things along to another child care or educational center just starting out.

How to You Find a Child care Center in Need

How in the world are you going to find the centers that could use your things? That’s easy, online auction sites reach centers across the country, and even the world. Generally there are three ways to post and sell an item on these sites:

1. Auction the item. When you put an item up for auction your list it in the auction listing, set a deadline for bids, and usually set a minimum amount you’re willing to accept. The highest bidder wins and purchases the item.

2. Buy now. Buy now items are listed with a set price and the first person who agrees to that price buys the item.

3. Your online store. You simply set up a presence on the site with all your items showcased at your store. Customers of the site shop your store and purchase items like any other online store.

Now that you know how to sell your used child care equipment, toys, supplies, and curriculum materials online, you can recycle those items which is better for the environment, for you, and certainly for the new child care center able to open at a lower cost.