Finding Educational Supplies That Appeal to Multiple Intelligences

Anyone who’s worked in the educational industry has heard of the theory of multiple intelligences. Some children learn better through music, while others learn better through pictures, numbers, words, nature, or some other instructional format. When you teach with the theory of multiple intelligences in mind, you can be confident that you are reaching all of your students.

In order to better meet the needs of all children, the learning environment at your school must be arranged to account for the diverse ways that children learn. This means that you have to acquire the right kinds of materials to appeal to all of the intelligences.

Unfortunately, new supplies are terribly expensive and priced beyond what schools caught up in a recession can afford. But fortunately, you don’t have to buy all new materials. By leveraging the Internet and using an educational exchange website, you can easily purchase nearly new items from other schools and teachers at a fraction of their original cost.

In fact, many of the supplies are so affordable through an educational exchange auction site that you can pay for much more than you ever could before. By now you’re well aware that new supplies from learning centers are priced exorbitantly, but you can avoid those premium prices altogether by shopping for gently used and nearly new educational materials.

What kinds of things should you look for? Puzzles can be integrated into lessons in order to appeal to kids who are spatially smart, while music and audio tapes are perfect for the musically inclined. Art supplies, educational games, and multimedia are essential to have on hand to give all learners a fair shot at absorbing lessons. The key goal is to stimulate the imagination of every youngster in your care.

You never know what item will help a child turn the corner. The right book can motivate a struggling reader, while an elementary chemistry set can encourage a budding scientist. The trigger or prompt will vary from child to child.

Whether you operate a daycare, public school, or private school, you can engage more students by purchasing a wide assortment of materials. With the help of the right educational exchange website, you can obtain those materials for less than ever before. What do you need to buy to enhance your learning environment? What children aren’t you reaching? Find gently used educational materials and supplies today, and stimulate young minds for years to come.